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Dark Moon Alchemy

Dark Moon Alchemy. Organic & wild harvested Medicinal Mushrooms, Tonic Herbs, Adaptogens

Dark Moon Alchemy provides the alchemical magic for you to turn depletion into creation, exhaustion into high vibrations and to create something out of nothing.

Created under the new moon ~ the deep, the dark, the most Yin part of the lunar cycle ~ Dark Moon Alchemy is an outward manifestation of all that can be brought forth when one truly nourishes the spaces within.

After nearly two decades of treating patients in clinic, creator of Dark Moon Alchemy, Amy recognised one key theme that ran through many ~ the lack of deep nourishment that comes from regular restorative practices. The very foundations from which abundant energy bubbles up from the fortified well-spring that resides within.

Modern lifestyles, including where and how we choose to spend our energy, tend to consme this well-spring or reserve of abundant Qi, Shen and Jing. Without regular restorative practices, like using Tonic Herbs and Medicinal Mushrooms, practicing meditation, spending in nature, connecting to nature’s cycles, connecting to our own cycles ...  we get depleted. Depletion leads to exhaustion and this leads to a lack of balance and a general lack of everything.  

Using her deep knowledge and application of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, plant medicine, nutrition and her divine intuition, she created her very own blends for her patients in clinic. Focusing on areas of her speciality in Women’s Health, fertility, emotional wellbeing, hormone regulation, digestion and the human Spirit, she combined organic and wild-harvested Chinese herbs, Western herbs, Ayurvedic herbs and superfoods to bring balance to her patients body, heart and mind. After witnessing the great success in helping her patients achieve dreams like fertile body is, pregnant bellies, nourished postpartum mothers, menstrual cycle regulation, menstrual cycle love, emotional harmony, digestive ease, blissful sleep, radiant skin, joyful existence and whole family health, she realised that she wanted to help even more people just like her patients all around the world!

Hello Dark Moon Alchemy.

Amy Rhodes

Dark Moon Alchemy. Organic & wild harvested Medicinal Mushrooms, Tonic Herbs, Adaptogens

Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Medicine Woman, mother, lover, poet, Amy Rhodes needs little introduction. 

Mentor and leader in Women’s Health, Fertility and Womb Wisdom, she delivers success based on common sense ~ heal the body from within. 

With Chinese Medicine, Taoism, nutrition and life as her mentors, Amy has developed a unique perspective to base your health on. Running her own clinic for the last 10 years has shown her a very real way of approaching health, tried and tested, to bring your body to heal itself.


This began the creation of her own products ...

Dark Moon Alchemy Tonic Herbs and Medicinal Mushrooms ~ your future you's best friend.

Her story is one that inspires those that know it. It is a testament to the insight and self awareness that she lives with, enabling Amy to achieve the healing that her body required her to.

Tonic Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms

reishi, medicinal mushroom, adaptogen, immunity, tonic herb, organic, wild crafted, chinese medicine

Are these buzz words and catchy themes? Not at Dark Moon Alchemy! 

Herbal allies, plant medicines and medicinal mushrooms have been consumed as life-enhancing extracts 

since the dawn of humanity. Plants and fungi are amazing and some just happen to be even more incredible than others ~ enter Tonic Herbs and Medicinal Mushrooms. 

These potent medicinals can help increase longevity, slow down ageing, enhance mental clarity and performance, fuel sex drive, protect immunity and give you the healthy glow of someone whose self care is important to them! 

Many of these herbs and mushrooms are what are known as adaptogens. An adaptogenic substance is one that helps the body adapt to its environment and subsequent lifestyle. If you are needing some deep nourishing and rejuvenation, they will assist this process by naturally allowing your body to do what it does best when given the opportunity ~ to heal itself.

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